KoohejiCo SEO Service

KoohejiCo Report SEO

We have recently released our
SEO Performance Scanner “KoohejiCo SEO”
and generated reports for all the websites in our mailing list.

The Performance Scanner contained details of every element that affects the SEO status of the website.

This report provides a review of the key factors that influence the SEO and usability of your website.
The homepage rank is a grade on a 100-point scale that represents your Internet Marketing Effectiveness. The algorithm is based on 70 criteria including search engine data, website structure, site performance and others. A rank lower than 40 means that there are a lot of areas to improve. A rank above 70 is a good mark and means that your website is probably well optimized.
Internal pages are ranked on a scale of A+ through E and are based on an analysis of nearly 30 criteria.
Our reports provide actionable advice to improve a site’s business objectives.

Ahmed Alkooheji

Some of the categories tested are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Usability
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Visitors Social
  • Link Analysis