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Creative Technology.

A single page won’t summaries all what we can offer, by the time this paragraph is done even more services are added to our sheets; not our rules, but the world is like that; ever evolving ever improving.

Our combined columns of Branding, Marketing, Technology, Photography, Events, and onward gives us maximum radius in assimilating and merging our services and products resulting in complex integrated systems which is eventually sanded down to a simplified well documented back-end friendly package.

These procedures have been interlaced with backward compatibility protocols since inception to cater even more accessibility issues when handed to the client, serving the client’s customers even more when everything is responsive and accessed via PC, Console, Mobile, Tablet, and/or Smart Watches.


Nurturing a symbol, raising it to become an element representing an entity and maintaining that accumulated reputation is what we see our brands go through. Brand Identity, Brand Development, and Brand Management are some of the services offered that guarantees a healthy brand in your target market.


Our passion for building a story line for everything we do ensued us in an addiction of building entire universes for brands, events, and occasions. Themed events allow us to alter time, climate, and even reality. Imagine walking in the snowy forests of another planet inside a party hall, and everyone is in character; Alternate Reality Games (ARG).


Advertising, Marketing, and Branding all depend on graphics to covert meaning to abstractive arts that signify what needs to be said, offered, and/or indented. We do not stop there, realm building an event, a campaign, or event dressing a new office all follow through the brand guideline that eventually acquires graphic design.


Our first facial tracker was developed for an event back in 2012 providing an interactive screen that applies on the user the seal and symbol of the event. This technology makes brands even more fun to advertise with. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are serious marketing elements for years to come.


Mobile applications have been around for more than a decade variating from simple pocket assistance to hardcore gaming, a better example is why use a complicated ERP system if it’s possible to achieve same productivity on a smart phone via lite applications built and branded specifically for you.


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ does not apply to all images, poor photos need more words to explain. Hiring professional photography experts in shooting your product is logically the safe path. Our satisfied clients come from Retail, Real Estate, Construction, and Business fields, tell us that we excel on many various markets.

Each service and product are divided into phases for higher quality and expectation working on a continuous relationship between the client and us, such phases also allow a buffer time between each party to rectify and improve the service eventually reaching the goals initiated from the beginning of the project.

we take pride in our sophisticated online platform that delivers the communications, approvals, drafts, and designs directly to the client’s smart phone via our platform’s mobile application companion. This breakthrough allows our clients to provide notes, comments, approvals, and issues with a tap of a screen in lightning speed.

Occasionally our clients appreciate our services influentially requesting us to be appointed in their employment, thus our retainer services come in. Since our clients are based around the world, we achieve the retainer services’ quality and effectiveness via a combination of workshop meetings and weekly progress reports.

If it doesn’t exist, we already have it.


Ahmed Alkooheji Founded His Company In 2016 For The Sole Purpose Of Providing Needed Assistance To Small And Medium Companies. A Huge Factor To Improve And Evolve The Company As It Looks Today.