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Technology Solutions

We are independent from infrastructure and information technology 3rd party support. These were the initial critical steps of our foundation.

Evidently our next step was to allow others to benefit from our founded solutions. Thus, we have commercialised our management systems, as well as technological solutions for both start-ups and enterprises.


Hardware & Software
Head Office Server Technically Advanced Latency & Locality Upgrade Plan.Host All Up

This solution may be considered as an investment for the initial cost, though ultimately it will cut-costs, last longer, completely secure, and locally accessible for maintenance. And above all that backup is done to the data bank (which in case of any disaster, all we need to do is pluck the hard disk out and leave}. This formula has been complimented by local suppliers and TelCos alike, these solutions are in compliance with International IT Annual Objectives.

Automated Read-Copy Hierarchy Archive Various Informatics Services Technology.Archavist

Archavist assists document controllers of small businesses as well as enterprises in archiving any documents and media via a platform and embedded add-ons to common application (Outlook, Google Chrome, etc). The provides a smooth background series of activities backing up and digitizing all data for future use while using as little as process power as possible to achieve its daily threshold.


Management Systems
Journey Arrangements & Reservation System.

Tour Booking Travel Web Application. VOYAGER.JARS Travel, powering your new Hotel, Travel, Automotive or Cruise Tour Booking business to new heights. Responsive, fast, feature packed & supported by all platforms.

School Examination & Management System.

Complete School Automation Software suiting to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 15+ modules with 6 users (Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Librarian, Parent and Student) panel.

Property Management & Listing System.

Complete solution for real estate business, with front-end and back-end features focused on usability to engage more users, capture more leads, gain more potential clients and earn more commissions.

Restoration Management System.

Web Application from where management of all hospital, clinic, or pharmacy related activity can be possible. In any hospital or clinic generally requires to manage the patient’s records, doctors, nurses and other staff records, medicines stock and availability, ward availability, bed availability as well financial activities.


Strategic Technologically Ameliorative Resource Marketing Advanced Procedures
for Small & Medium Businesses

The STARMAP systems are the pride of KoohejiCo’s deep on-going developments in usage of learning AI and network data nurturing, a solid foundation that allows real-time multi-tasking actions work seamlessly on graphical design, launch marketing campaigns, smart bot servicing, and many more unlimited parameters within the network’s environment.

Essentially, STARMAP gives birth to ideas into reality; products, services, companies, events, public figure reputation handling, and much more are sustained with accurate measurements of human-tech learning past occasions.

As of 2017, STARMAP began self-learning subroutine testing against 60 months of creative technology consumption within the international market.